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soumendra Pattnaik. 26 December, 12:31 PM

our Scandinevia trip

I would to thank Mr.Sushant for being a great host to our Scandinevia trip. The itinerary was an outcome of his meticulous planning and his own travel experiences which we could feel being part of this eleven day long trip. On time reporting & knowledge by the local representatives at Helsinki, Stockholm, Bergen, Reykjavik & Copenhogen was perfect tune to the profession. Thanks to the team of Insight Vacations specially Mr. Alan to extend one of the best experience of our life. Looking forward to travel again with you


sumita Panda. 26 December, 12:30 PM

Our Kashmir tour

Our Kashmir tour was short but very heart touching with your beautiful modified planning we could reach the highest level of enjoyment.Thanks to Sushant Satapathy for organizing mindfully the tour with each and every comfort and convenience.Thanks to the guide Sameer who made us feel easy and comfortable through out the tour


ajit. 21 December, 06:34 AM

Thanks Insight Team...will join again & again

Full marks to Susanta for attentive services. We recently back from Australia of 11 days. This time though its first time with \'Insight\' we never found any service/vehicle/hotel/local support issue in Inches. Me & my family traveled with big international companies since long. But this was at our comfort zone. Thanks to the expertise of Susanta having answers to any query at any time. We also had good review of this company from their counterpart abroad. 

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